Hear Chords On Guitar

Being able to hear chords on guitar can be one of the most challenging things to master.

Often, the only chance we get to train our ears to hear chords on the guitar, is at a jam session or on the bandstand for a gig.

I have been in search for an ear training app that can allow me to consistently practice hearing chords on the guitar. I found it.

Read on for links on where to get it, how it works, and my thoughts about this awesome ear training app.

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Chord Triad MP3 Ear Training Tracks

On a previous article, A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears, I discussed how combinations of the different types of chord triads can be used to create any complex chord.

This website gives you 67 ear training MP3 tracks to practice hearing and recognizing basic chord triads. Get it now, while it’s still FREE!

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A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears

Here is a simple approach to jazz chords that will get you to hear jazz chords even if you don’t have a strong music theory background.

If you know how to play any of the basic triads as chords on a piano then you can train your ears to hear even the most complex jazz chords.

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Inverting Triads

In a previous article Interval Inversions, the concept of inverting intervals demonstrated how a simple shift in a note’s octave can change the sound of an interval.

The same concept can be applied to Triads opening up the possibilities of expressing the same Triad in a subtle new way.

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Feel Triads

Ear training can be intellectual or it can be emotional.

The intellectual route requires your brain to do quite a bit of calculating in order to determine the sound that it is hearing.

The emotional route requires you to simply determine the sound that you are hearing through feel alone.

Feeling music personalizes the music, makes learning music easier, and produces a quicker response time (calculating the distance between intervals has been eliminated)!

Adopt this method for learning how to feel triads and accelerate the process in learning how to recognize them in the music that you are hearing.

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Hear Triads

There are four possible combinations of triads. These triads are created by combining types of 3rds on top of each other.

Each triad forms the foundation for a majority of chords that you hear in most music.

Master the ability to hear triads with this simple ear training practice!

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