Chord Triad MP3 Ear Training Tracks

On a previous article, A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears, I discussed how combinations of the different types of chord triads can be used to create any complex chord.

This website gives you 67 ear training MP3 tracks to practice hearing and recognizing basic chord triads. Get it now, while it’s still FREE!

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A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears

Here is a simple approach to jazz chords that will get you to hear jazz chords even if you don’t have a strong music theory background.

If you know how to play any of the basic triads as chords on a piano then you can train your ears to hear even the most complex jazz chords.

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Scales of Slash Chords

In a recent article Hear Slash Chords, the concept of creating Slash Chords was explained.

Here is a list of the same 12 Basic Slash Chords described in that article and their respective scales that fit nicely!

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Hear Slash Chords

Triads may sound like basic chords. But when placed over a bass note, more colorful chords can become implied, expanding your harmonic palette.

Learn to hear Slash Chords and focus on the notes that can open up your music to new harmonic territories!

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