Absolute Pitch Possible?

A long time a go Chris Aruffo created this website that housed many articles of his ongoing research about developing absolute pitch, particularly for adults.

This site shared interesting points of view and was also an excellent resource of references pertaining the the research and study of absolute pitch.

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Free Ear Training Software

There are a few ear training software out there that are worth mentioning.

Here is are a couple of free ear training software for your Mac or PC that can grow your ear without breaking the bank!

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Absolute Pitch Online Ear Test

Pianist Brent Hugh developed an online ear test for developing absolute pitch (also known as perfect pitch).

Test your absolute pitch abilities at home for free with this easy-to-use and easy-to-customize ear training web application.

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Perfect Pitch Training and Research

Chris Aruffo has done extensive research concerning the possibility to acquire absolute pitch (also known as perfect pitch).

His website contains pages upon pages of absolute pitch research, theories, and the phases of his journey for developing a method to acquire this skill.

Do you have what it takes to acquire perfect pitch?

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