Hear Chords On Guitar

Being able to hear chords on guitar can be one of the most challenging things to master.

Often, the only chance we get to train our ears to hear chords on the guitar, is at a jam session or on the bandstand for a gig.

I have been in search for an ear training app that can allow me to consistently practice hearing chords on the guitar. I found it.

Read on for links on where to get it, how it works, and my thoughts about this awesome ear training app.

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Ear Training App Perfect For The “1-10” Ear Training Test

For me, the “1-10” Ear Training Test has been the most effective method for learning how to hear chords.

Recently, I bought an iPad and my initial instinct was to turn this device into the ultimate ear training machine!

Although, this app is not intended as an ear training app, I use it as one… and you’ll see why!

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Online Interval Ear Training Resource

Many interval ear training resources can be found online, where you can test and train yourself with hearing musical intervals to develop relative pitch.

However, you will often find these resources to be slow, clunky, and difficult to customize your ear training session.

This interval ear training resource is not like that at all!

Its user interface makes it easy to select the intervals you want to focus on. It responds quickly, provides notation, and best of all it’s free online.

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Practice Your Relative Pitch Anywhere!

Practice hearing melodic and harmonic intervals just about anywhere with relative pitch ear training mp3’s!

With relative pitch ear training mp3’s, you can load intervals into your mp3 player, allowing you to take your relative pitch practice wherever you go!

If you want permanent relative pitch, practicing consistently is the key. These relative pitch ear training mp3’s will help you do just that!

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Interval Ear Training Best Practices

Have you been ear training for quite some time and still find yourself forgetting the sounds of intervals?

Are you unable to hear and sing a tritone or a minor sixth without mentally calculating the distance of the two notes?

Try this effective ear training method and learn to permanently hear, recognize, and recall, any interval.

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Measure Your Pitch Perception

Here’s another hearing test created by music and neuroimaging researcher Jake Mandell. This test is called the Adaptive Pitch Test and it measures your ability to hear highs and lows between two tones.

This test measures your pitch perception abilities by adapting to your responses: The better you are, the closer and closer the stimuli will become.

How keen do you think your ears are to hearing the difference between tones?

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How Tonedeaf Are You?

Music and neuroimaging researcher Jake Mandell created a unique Flash driven application that measures your level of tonedeafness by playing musical phrases back to back.

Your goal is to listen to both musical phrases and determine if the two musical phrases are played the same or different.

If you’ve struggled with ear training the past, or still have difficulty seeing progress with your ear training, this simple test may provide some insight to your obstacles.

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Hear Notes In Chords

The Oscillation Technique is an effective ear training technique for learning how to hear every note being sounded in a chord.

Application of this ear training technique, for a few minutes a day, is all that is necessary in order to start noticing your ear’s ability to hear the notes within a chord.

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Interval Inversions

When the notes C and E are played together, the sound of a major 3rd is created.

If you were to drop the octave of the higher note E and played E and C instead, you now have the sound of a minor 6th.

The same sound of the minor 6th could be created by also raising the octave of the low C.

Here is a list of intervals and their inversions. Notice how inverting intervals can affect the mood of your music.

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Basic Intervals

The space between any two notes creates an interval.

Keeping your mind organized can help accelerate your ability to understand and articulate the music that you are hearing.

Here are the basic intervals of music and how they should be spelled.

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