Hear Chords On Guitar

Being able to hear chords on guitar can be one of the most challenging things to master.

Often, the only chance we get to train our ears to hear chords on the guitar, is at a jam session or on the bandstand for a gig.

I have been in search for an ear training app that can allow me to consistently practice hearing chords on the guitar. I found it.

Read on for links on where to get it, how it works, and my thoughts about this awesome ear training app.

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Free Ear Training Software

There are a few ear training software out there that are worth mentioning.

Here is are a couple of free ear training software for your Mac or PC that can grow your ear without breaking the bank!

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Play By Ear

Got an iPhone?

If so, you can train your ears with this convenient ear training iPhone application!

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Master Your Ear

EarMaster is probably the most comprehensive interactive ear training software that’s available for both MAC and PC.

Are you tired of having an inadequate set of ears? Master your ear’s ability to hear chords, scales, and intervals!

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