Hear Chord Tones With These Two Online Resources

If you can effortlessly hear chord tones, then playing improvised solos over a set of unfamiliar chord changes (particularly during a jam session), drastically simplifies.

Recently, I came across two websites that provide chord progressions and even single chords of various qualities, that can be used to practice focusing on hearing chord tones.

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Chord Triad MP3 Ear Training Tracks

On a previous article, A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears, I discussed how combinations of the different types of chord triads can be used to create any complex chord.

This website gives you 67 ear training MP3 tracks to practice hearing and recognizing basic chord triads. Get it now, while it’s still FREE!

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Practice Your Relative Pitch Anywhere!

Practice hearing melodic and harmonic intervals just about anywhere with relative pitch ear training mp3’s!

With relative pitch ear training mp3’s, you can load intervals into your mp3 player, allowing you to take your relative pitch practice wherever you go!

If you want permanent relative pitch, practicing consistently is the key. These relative pitch ear training mp3’s will help you do just that!

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Improvise Over Any Chord Progression

Imagine if your ears were good enough to improvise over any chord progression that you either heard before or never heard at all.

Imagine how good it would feel to no longer have to memorize chord changes, and instead just hear and anticipate where the chord changes are going.

This interactive website allows you to practice this specific skill and do just that!

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Hear Jazz Chord Progressions

Jazz musician John Elliott released a book that simplifies the way jazz chord progressions are heard and internalized.

If you struggle with hearing and remembering the patterns of jazz chord progressions, the method in his book may provide some insight for understanding the chunks of chords that you are hearing.

This method can easily be adopted to develop your ability to improvise over chord changes during jazz jam sessions.

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