Ear Training App Perfect For The “1-10” Ear Training Test

For me, theĀ “1-10” Ear Training Test has been the most effective method for learning how to hear chords.

Recently, I bought an iPad and my initial instinct was to turn this device into the ultimate ear training machine!

Although, this app is not intended as an ear training app, I use it as one… and you’ll see why!

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Hear The Root Note Of Any Chord

How quickly can you hear the root note of a chord?

Being able to hear the root note of a chord is critical to hearing, understanding, and/or reharmonizing any chord progression.

Hear root notes, and you’ll be able to know and play the chords for any song.

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Accelerate Your Ear Training Learning Curve

Having an organized understanding of the relationship between the notes you are listening to will exponentially accelerate your ear training learning curve.

The best way to get this type of understanding organized, is through learning the proper spellings of enharmonic equivalents and the logic behind these spellings.

Start properly spelling your enharmonic equivalents now and save yourself from many future headaches when it comes to ear training.

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A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears

Here is a simple approach to jazz chords that will get you to hear jazz chords even if you don’t have a strong music theory background.

If you know how to play any of the basic triads as chords on a piano then you can train your ears to hear even the most complex jazz chords.

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Best Way To Hear Chords

Many methods have been created for developing your ability to hear chords.

Here are a few solid ear training practices and habits that will get you on your way to hearing every note sounded in a chord!

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Master Your Ear

EarMaster is probably the most comprehensive interactive ear training software that’s available for both MAC and PC.

Are you tired of having an inadequate set of ears? Master your ear’s ability to hear chords, scales, and intervals!

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