A Jazz Piano Chord Approach That Will Stretch Your Ears

Here is a simple approach to jazz chords that will get you to hear jazz chords even if you don’t have a strong music theory background.

If you know how to play any of the basic triads as chords on a piano then you can train your ears to hear even the most complex jazz chords.

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Interval Ear Training Best Practices

Have you been ear training for quite some time and still find yourself forgetting the sounds of intervals?

Are you unable to hear and sing a tritone or a minor sixth without mentally calculating the distance of the two notes?

Try this effective ear training method and learn to permanently hear, recognize, and recall, any interval.

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Best Way To Hear Chords

Many methods have been created for developing your ability to hear chords.

Here are a few solid ear training practices and habits that will get you on your way to hearing every note sounded in a chord!

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Free Ear Training Software

There are a few ear training software out there that are worth mentioning.

Here is are a couple of free ear training software for your Mac or PC that can grow your ear without breaking the bank!

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Absolute Pitch Online Ear Test

Pianist Brent Hugh developed an online ear test for developing absolute pitch (also known as perfect pitch).

Test your absolute pitch abilities at home for free with this easy-to-use and easy-to-customize ear training web application.

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Perfect Pitch Training and Research

Chris Aruffo has done extensive research concerning the possibility to acquire absolute pitch (also known as perfect pitch).

His website contains pages upon pages of absolute pitch research, theories, and the phases of his journey for developing a method to acquire this skill.

Do you have what it takes to acquire perfect pitch?

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Hear Melodies

Listening to simple melodies are an effective way to develop a solid foundation for your ears.

This online resource can be used for training your ears to hear simple melodies and basic chord progressions.

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Play By Ear

Got an iPhone?

If so, you can train your ears with this convenient ear training iPhone application!

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Improvise Over Any Chord Progression

Imagine if your ears were good enough to improvise over any chord progression that you either heard before or never heard at all.

Imagine how good it would feel to no longer have to memorize chord changes, and instead just hear and anticipate where the chord changes are going.

This interactive website allows you to practice this specific skill and do just that!

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Hear Jazz Chord Progressions

Jazz musician John Elliott released a book that simplifies the way jazz chord progressions are heard and internalized.

If you struggle with hearing and remembering the patterns of jazz chord progressions, the method in his book may provide some insight for understanding the chunks of chords that you are hearing.

This method can easily be adopted to develop your ability to improvise over chord changes during jazz jam sessions.

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