Ear Training App Perfect For The “1-10” Ear Training Test

For me, the “1-10” Ear Training Test has been the most effective method for learning how to hear chords.

Recently, I bought an iPad and my initial instinct was to turn this device into the ultimate ear training machine!

Although, this app is not intended as an ear training app, I use it as one… and you’ll see why!

The app I use on my iPad is called: 2in1 Piano HD.

This simple app is (in my opinion) the best FREE piano app for iPad, to use for the “1-10” Ear Training Test.

The notes sound clearly in every octave. The sustain for both strings and regular piano lasts a very long time as you hold down each note.

Many free piano apps for iPad have terrible sustain. They often cutoff abruptly. Their tone is also next to awful.

This piano app has a simple interface and you can play octave ranges spanning from the low C1 octave to the high C8 octave.

When I first tested this piano, I noticed how difficult hearing individual notes in chords in the low C1 octave range can be. But after a couple weeks, I could get hear these notes clearer and clearer.

After you download the app, here is what I recommend for your ear training.

Start out by listening to 2 notes that are close together. Play the 2 notes and hear each individual note in your mind clearly. Do not sing the notes UNTIL the notes are sounding loudly in your mind. After you can loudly hear each individual note in your mind, sing the notes, starting with the lowest note. Next, play the notes on the app to see if you heard these notes correctly.

Now, before you try another set of 2 notes, play the same set of 2 notes in a different octave range. Be sure you can clearly hear each individual note in EVERY octave range.

After all this, now try a different set of 2 notes and repeat the process.

*Note: iPad does have limitations. If you try to play more than 5 notes at the same time, your iPad will read your five fingers as a gesture and try to swipe out of 2in1 Piano HD and pull up another app that is currently open.

Take your time with this. No need to hurry.

You will begin to hear notes within chords in a short period of time. See the “1-10” Ear Training Test for more details on this ear training method.

Find the 2in1 Piano HD app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/2in1-piano-hd/id488541141