Scales of Slash Chords

In a recent article Hear Slash Chords, the concept of creating Slash Chords was explained.

Here is a list of the same 12 Basic Slash Chords described in that article and their respective scales that fit nicely!

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Two Essential Scales

With these two scales and their modes, you can create almost any chord type!

Hearing chords becomes drastically simplified by mastering these scales and the sounds of their modes.

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Major Scale Modes

These are the 7 modes of the Major Scale.

Although the notes of each mode are the same notes, the sound and feel for each mode is unique.

Learn how to derive the chords that belong to each mode of the major scale.

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Inverting Triads

In a previous article Interval Inversions, the concept of inverting intervals demonstrated how a simple shift in a note’s octave can change the sound of an interval.

The same concept can be applied to Triads opening up the possibilities of expressing the same Triad in a subtle new way.

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Interval Inversions

When the notes C and E are played together, the sound of a major 3rd is created.

If you were to drop the octave of the higher note E and played E and C instead, you now have the sound of a minor 6th.

The same sound of the minor 6th could be created by also raising the octave of the low C.

Here is a list of intervals and their inversions. Notice how inverting intervals can affect the mood of your music.

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Basic Intervals

The space between any two notes creates an interval.

Keeping your mind organized can help accelerate your ability to understand and articulate the music that you are hearing.

Here are the basic intervals of music and how they should be spelled.

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