Absolute Pitch Possible?

A long time a go Chris Aruffo created this website that housed many articles of his ongoing research about developing absolute pitch, particularly for adults.

This site shared interesting points of view and was also an excellent resource of references pertaining the the research and study of absolute pitch.

One thing I always found really annoying with the site is that the information was not presented in a visually appealing fashion for online reading.

Well, it’s about time! Chris Aruffo updated the website, giving it a nice facelift. The information for developing absolute pitch is so much easier to find and sift through!

Despite many people’s disbelief that absolute pitch is possible to acquire, Chris shares a lot of insight and research that make acquiring absolute pitch seem like a possibility.

He is open enough to say that he has not figured out a way for adults to acquire absolute pitch fully (particularly in the aspect of creating meaning out of pitches).┬áBut, that doesn’t make his research and information on the website a waste.┬áThe concepts he presents actually make sense. And probably should be explored further by more people if any breakthrough in absolute pitch were to become possible.

I feel relative pitch is the most important and relevant musical skill. However, having absolute pitch would seem to offer another perspective to hearing music and improvising over music.

Although many musicians feel it’s a waste of time to try to acquire (and they may be right), the musicians I know personally that have both relative pitch and absolute pitch, sure seem like monsters on their instrument. And while they may not have the best groove, or best chops, or best whatever… their sense of melody and harmony is pretty darn awesome.

Anyway, check out Chris Aruffo’s research on absolute pitch here: http://www.aruffo.com/eartraining/